10 Best iOS Apps for Musicians (2023)
Here's our list of the 10 best iOS apps for musicians in 2023.


Mobile apps in 2023 enable musicians to work from anywhere; between metronomes, collaboration, tuning, and mobile DAWs, our phones are some of our most valuable music equipment. With entire projects being recorded on phones, the music production process is slowly evolving from one that occurs solely in the studio to one that can happen anywhere. Our souls are the driving force behind our music, and they thrive on life. Experiences fuel our art, and experiences don't happen in studios. To see life and recording merging slowly with the advent of mobile music technology is exciting. In this article, I will take you through a few of the best apps for musicians in 2023.

#1: Crate

Crate is a music storage and collaboration app designed to help you spend more time doing what you love - making music. With innovative features like versioning, an integrated Notepad, artwork, playlists, and more, Crate turns traditional cloud storage on its head. Designed specifically for musicians, Crate gives you the tools to store, organize, and share your unreleased music. The best part? All of your music syncs across your devices. Crate is available for iOS and desktop.

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#2: Garageband

Garageband has been a staple in the iOS music app world for years and remains a top choice for musicians. This powerful app offers a full-fledged digital audio workstation (DAW) experience on your iPhone or iPad. Garageband gives you the tools to record, edit, or mix your tracks via a user-friendly interface that caters to musicians of all levels.

Additionally, Garageband offers a wide array of virtual instruments, loops, and effects, allowing you to create professional-grade without any prior music theory knowledge. The app seamlessly integrates with other Apple devices and software, making it a go-to option for musicians in the Apple ecosystem.

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#3: Bandlab

Bandlab is another standout app for musicians looking to collaborate remotely. This cloud-based platform offers many features, including multi-track recording, virtual instruments, and a built-in social network where you can connect with musicians worldwide. Bandlab makes it easy to start a project, invite collaborators, and work together on your musical endeavors.

Whether you're a solo artist looking to connect with others or part of a band spread across different locations, Bandlab ensures that distance is no barrier to creativity. Its cross-platform compatibility allows for seamless integration between iOS, Android, and desktop devices.

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#4: GuitarTuna

Keeping our instruments in tune is essential. GuitarTuna is a must-have mobile app for musicians needing accurate and reliable tuning. Throughout my career, GuitarTune was my go-to, and still is today. Its user-friendly interface and advanced pitch detection ensure your instruments are ready to record.

GuitarTuna also offers chord learning, a metronome, and a game mode to enhance your playing skills.

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#5: Pro Metronome

Pro Metronome is my favorite metronome app. As a drummer, I spent countless hours with this app. It offers many metronome features, from basic tempo adjustments to complex time signature changes. Whether practicing scales, composing, or performing live, Pro Metronome ensures you stay in perfect time.

Pro Metronome's intuitive interface and customization options make it an excellent choice for musicians across all genres. This app lets you work on your timing and rhythm skills anytime, anywhere.

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#6: Shazam

While creating music is essential, musicians also need to stay inspired. Shazam is the perfect app for discovering new music and drawing inspiration from your favorite artists. With a simple tap, Shazam can identify any song playing around you, providing you with song information, lyrics, and links to streaming platforms.

This app is a valuable resource for musicians seeking new influences and exploring different genres.

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#7: Moises

Moises is a groundbreaking mobile app that allows musicians to dissect and manipulate audio tracks like never before. With its advanced AI-powered technology, you can separate vocals, drums, bass, and other elements from a song, opening up a world of possibilities for remixing, sampling, and learning.

Whether you're an aspiring producer or a musician looking to break down complex arrangements, Moises provides a unique set of tools to help you be successful.

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#8: Spotify & Apple Music for Artists

For musicians looking to gain insights into their audience and track their music's performance, Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists are indispensable tools. These apps provide in-depth analytics, allowing you to see how your music is performing, who your listeners are, and where they're located.

By understanding your audience better, you can tailor your marketing and promotional efforts to reach a broader fan base and improve music's reach.

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#9: Chorus

When it comes to songwriting, the lyrics often hold the emotional core of a song. Chorus is a fantastic web app that caters specifically to lyricists and songwriters, and it seamlessly integrates with your iOS device. Whether working alone or collaborating with others, this platform simplifies crafting meaningful lyrics.

Chorus allows you to create lyric sheets, share them with your bandmates or co-writers, and edit them in real time. Its intuitive interface is designed with the songwriter's workflow in mind, offering features like rhyme suggestions, a thesaurus, and easy-to-use formatting tools. This makes it easier than ever to refine your lyrics until they convey the exact emotion and message you desire.

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#10: Apple Voice Memos

Apple Voice Memos may not be the flashiest app on your iOS device, but it's a hidden gem for musicians. Think of it as your digital musical notebook, always ready to capture your ideas, melodies, and lyrics on the fly. Whether you're inspired while on a walk or have a melody in your head at 3 a.m., Voice Memos is there to preserve your musical thoughts.

The app allows you to record high-quality audio easily and even provides basic editing features to trim and organize your recordings. Plus, you can easily share your ideas with bandmates or collaborators via AirDrop or messaging apps. Voice Memos is the digital equivalent of carrying around a pocket-sized tape recorder, ensuring that no brilliant musical idea ever slips through the cracks. One great tip is that Apple Voice Memos is a great acoustic guitar microphone. Try it out!


From collaboration to composition, tuning to timing, and discovery to data analysis, these apps cover all the bases. Incorporating them into your musical toolbox can unlock your full creative potential and elevate your musical journey to new heights.

So, whether you're a singer-songwriter, a rock guitarist, or an electronic producer, there's an app here to enhance your musical experience. Embrace the power of mobile technology, and let your creativity flourish with these top-notch iOS apps for musicians.

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