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Creating Captivating Vocal Production in Logic Pro with Stock Plugins
Take your music production to the next level with our in-depth guide on using Logic Pro's stock plugins to enhance audio quality and create radio-ready vocal tracks.


Are you a music producer aspiring to create radio-ready tracks with stellar audio quality? If so, you'll be pleased to find out that the quest for perfection isn't as far-fetched as it may seem. You might already have your hands on the magic wand—the Logic Pro's stock plugins. Yes, you read that right. You can harness these essential audio processing tools to transform your raw vocal tracks into a captivating production.

In this post, we'll take a deep dive into the techniques for using Logic Pro's stock plugins effectively. We'll look at how to achieve a rich, powerful vocal sound that engages listeners, hook, line, and sinker. Let's get to it, shall we?

Importance of Engaging Vocals

When producing music, vocals hold a vital position—they are often the focal point of the song, the element that directly engages with your listener. A well-treated vocal track can captivate your audience and keep them hooked to every melody and lyric. It's a powerful tool for conveying emotions and connecting with listeners.

Think about it - how memorable would your favorite songs be without the striking vocal performances they feature? Exactly. This underscores the importance of spending time on your vocal production, treating your vocals with precision to ensure your tracks resonate with your listeners.

Gain Automation

Now, let's delve into the first important technique: Gain Automation. This tool ensures a consistent sound level across your entire vocal performance. As singers naturally fluctuate their volume during a performance, Gain Automation helps level the playing field and brings stability to the vocal track before it’s processed.

Gain Automation is not merely about loudness, but about clarity too. It's about eliminating those sudden spikes and drops in level that could distract your listener from the vocal performance. When used correctly, Gain Automation can make your vocals smooth and balanced, keeping your listeners engaged every step of the way.

Surgical EQ

Next up is Surgical EQ, an essential tool for identifying and reducing those harsh elements that can muddy up your vocal track. By using a sharp Q and sweeping through the frequency spectrum, you can find and cut those problematic frequencies that detract from the clarity of your vocals.

Whether it's a pesky resonant frequency or an area where the vocals sound too harsh, the Surgical EQ can help. It's all about cleaning up your track and ensuring your vocals shine brilliantly in the mix. Just remember - a little goes a long way with this technique. Be conservative and avoid drastically cutting frequencies as it can cause your vocals to sound thin or hollow.


De-Essing is an optional but potentially vital step in vocal processing. A De-Esser mitigates those intense 's' and 't' sounds in the frequency spectrum that can sound too sharp or piercing. With this tool, you can tame the sibilance and maintain a smoother overall vocal sound.

While using a De-Esser, it's crucial to be careful. Over-de-essing can lead to a lisp-like sound on the vocals. Listen closely and tweak the settings judiciously to avoid detrimental effects on your vocal track.

Serial Compression

Let's now explore Serial Compression, a technique that provides dynamic consistency to your vocals. Instead of applying heavy compression once, using two mild compressors in series can do wonders for your vocal track. This approach allows for a more transparent and smooth effect compared to a single compressor working overtime.

Each compressor can tackle a different aspect of the vocal performance, managing the overall dynamics more efficiently. It's about ensuring your vocals are dynamically consistent without causing any aggressive compression artifacts. Great results await when you use Serial Compression effectively.

Tonal EQ

Next on our journey is Tonal EQ. Balancing the tone of your vocals can be an important aspect of shaping your overall mix. Using Logic Pro's Vintage EQ selection, you can bring out the warmth and body in your vocals.

This crucial step towards perfection is all about using gentle boosts in the lower mid frequencies and some attenuation in the high frequencies. It's like applying a sonic polish, enhancing the clarity of your vocals. Understanding and manipulating the Tonal EQ can be the key to a well-rounded and refined vocal track.

Saturation and Modulation

If you want to add a layer of warmth and a sense of spread to your vocal track, consider using saturation and modulation tools. One excellent option in Logic Pro's toolbox is Phat FX. This plugin provides a one-stop stereo enhancing solution, making your vocals feel thicker and richer in the stereo field.

While these tools offer exciting possibilities, remember that subtlety is critical. You don’t want to overdo it and make your track sound unnatural. Use them judiciously to enhance your vocal mix, giving it a touch of richness and sparkle.

Stereo Slapback Delay

Stereo Slapback Delay is another tool that can add a touch of magic to your vocal track. By creating short, discrete delays, it offers a more natural and engaging sound. This replicates the kind of echo you might hear when singing in a small room. The goal here is to add space and depth to the vocal without making it sound like an obvious echo.

The key is to balance the delay settings well so that they embellish the vocals without overpowering them. The result can be a beautiful, radio-ready vocal track that sounds warm, natural, and engaging.

Adding a Touch of Reverb

Lastly, consider adding a gentle touch of Reverb to your vocal track for some subtle ambiance and vibe. A well-tailored reverb can give your audience the impression that the vocal performance is taking place in a physical space, enhancing the listening experience.

A word of caution though—don't drown your vocals in reverb. Used sparingly, reverb can add a nice sense of space and depth to your mix. Keep it all balanced, and your listeners will thank you for the excellent production value.

Volume Automation

In the final stage of the vocal mix process, Volume Automation is a powerful tool. It ensures the vocals fit well with the overall mix, maintaining a consistent presence throughout the song. You can automate the volume to bring out certain phrases or words, adding an extra level of depth to your vocals.

Remember, it's not about making every part of your vocal equally loud. Rather, it's about making sure the important parts of the vocal performance are not lost in the mix. Volume Automation helps breathe life into vocals, ensuring they remain the centerpiece of your track.


In a nutshell, producing radio-ready vocals is an art that involves various techniques and tools, and it's well within your reach in Logic Pro with its stock plugins. From Gain Automation to Volume Automation and everything in between, you now have a roadmap to deliver vocals that capture your listeners' attention.

Remember, the key lies in judicious use of these tools and techniques. Your goal should be to enhance and highlight the vocals, not overpower or distort them. So, go ahead and explore these processes, polish your skills, and produce vocals that resonate with your listeners. Happy mixing!

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