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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Freeze Tracks in Logic Pro X
Discover the art of freezing tracks in Logic Pro X with our comprehensive guide. Learn how this technique can manage complex projects by reducing CPU load and enhancing music production.

Introduction to the Concept of Freezing Tracks

Music production is a fascinating and complex process. One of the techniques often used by professionals is called 'freezing tracks'. Wondering what it means? Freezing tracks is essentially a method to reduce the amount of processing power used by your computer in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), such as Logic Pro X. This technique comes handy when you're working on a complex project with numerous tracks and plugins, which can cause a strain on your CPU.

To freeze a track, you'll simply make a temporary bounce of that track in its current state, which includes any software instruments and plugins. By freezing the track, you're essentially turning it into an audio file. Your computer no longer has to use processing power to run those software instruments or plugins, thus freeing up your CPU. In the following sections, we'll delve into the specifics of how to freeze tracks in Logic Pro X.

Step-by-step Procedure to Freeze Tracks in Logic Pro X

In Logic Pro X, freezing tracks is quite simple. Start by right-clicking on the track you want to freeze. From the options that appear, choose 'Configure Track Header'. This will open up a list of available options. Look for the one labelled 'Freeze' and tick the check box. This initiates the freeze process for that particular track.

Once you’ve selected this option, a snowflake icon will appear on your track. Clicking this icon will start the freezing process. Depending on how complex your track is, this process could take a few moments. Just be patient and let Logic do its magic.

Understanding the Result of Freezing Tracks

Once a track has been frozen, you've essentially converted it into an audio file while keeping its original components intact. This has the profound benefit of reducing CPU intensive processes since your computer is no longer trying to compute everything in real-time.

Software instruments and complex plugins are often huge CPU-drainers. By freezing tracks, you eliminate the active computation of these elements, dramatically reducing the load on your processor. However, it’s critical to note that while a track is frozen, you won't be able to make changes to its software instruments or plugins.

Elaborating on Two Freezing Modes

Logic Pro X offers two freezing modes – 'Source only' and 'Pre-fader'. With 'Source only' mode, you're freezing the track without any effects. It's like capturing the naked sound of the instrument, without any effects you may have applied. This is useful if you’re working with a powerful software instrument that causes CPU overload.

The 'Pre-fader' mode, on the other hand, freezes everything, including plugins. This mode captures the sound of the instrument together with all effects. If your effects are causing CPU strain, this is the mode to use.

Adjustments Possible on a Frozen Track

When a track is frozen, you can still adjust certain parameters. You can mute a frozen track, solo it, adjust its pan position, and modify its volume. These changes can be made without unfreezing the track.

However, you cannot make adjustments to a frozen track’s software instruments or any applied effects (plugins). In order to modify these, you'll need to unfreeze the track.

Process of Unfreezing a Track

If you want to unfreeze a track, it's just as straightforward as freezing one. Simply click on the snowflake icon again. Logic Pro X will immediately start reverting the audio file back into its original state (software instruments, plugins, etc.).

This process gives you back total control over your track. But remember, unfreezing a track means your computer will have to handle all the processing requirements again.

Judging the Necessity to Freeze the Tracks: Checking CPU Usage within Logic Pro X

You might be wondering: when should I even consider freezing tracks? Well, one way to determine this is by regularly checking your CPU usage within Logic Pro X. If your processor is consistently running at high levels, freezing some of the tracks might be a good idea.

High CPU usage can lead to unpleasant issues like audio crackles, pops, or even software crashes. Freezing tracks can help you manage your CPU resources better and keep your music production smooth and seamless.


Whether you're a seasoned music producer or a novice stepping into the production world, mastering the art of freezing tracks can become a real lifesaver. It's a sure-shot way to manage extensive, complex projects without overloading your CPU. Don't shy away from experimenting with it!

Try it out today and let us know how it enriched your music production experience. If you have any questions, doubts, or want to share your experiences with freezing tracks in Logic Pro X, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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