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Boost Your Audio Quality: A Comprehensive Guide to the DeEsser Plugin in Logic Pro X
Master the DeEsser plugin in Logic Pro X to enhance your music production. Understand its functionality, settings and its role in managing sibilance in vocal recordings.


Let's dive into an essential tool in music production - the DeEsser plugin in Logic Pro X. This plugin may seem minor, but understanding its function can significantly enhance your audio production process, especially for vocal recordings. By the end of this blog post, you will gain adequate knowledge of the plugin and its array of settings.

Understanding the DeEsser helps you deal with sibilance issues, which often plague vocal recordings. Sibilance refers to the hissing noise that occurs when words with "S" or "Sh" sounds are recorded. This problem could be compounded by microphone placement and distance from the singer, requiring delicate management.

Understanding the DeEsser Plugin

A DeEsser is a type of audio processing tool designed to reduce or eliminate excessive sibilance in vocal recordings. To put in simple terms, it's a specialized compressor that targets high-frequency hissing sounds, dulling them to create a more balanced output.

The primary function of a DeEsser is to achieve clarity in vocals by minimizing the harshness of the 's' and 'sh' sounds. Furthermore, it's essential to remember that the placement and distance of the microphone have direct implications on the degree of sibilance recorded. Thus, in an ideal scenario, reducing sibilance begins from the recording stage itself.

Exploring the DeEsser Plugin in Logic Pro X

Now, let's explore how to utilize the DeEsser plugin in Logic Pro X. You can find this nifty tool in the Dynamics section of your Plugin library. The DeEsser plugin comes equipped with various dials and preset options that give you a high degree of control over the final sound.

One fundamental dial to note is the Threshold dial. You can set the threshold for gain reduction, which kicks in when the monitored frequencies surpass it. Below the dials, you can visualize the gain reduction as it happens, conveniently presented as a negative decibel (dB) value.

Adjusting Frequency and Filters

Choosing the right frequency band to reduce is a crucial step when using a DeEsser. Selecting the frequency can be achieved by adjusting the Frequency dial, while the Reduction dial controls the degree of gain reduction that occurs when the threshold is exceeded.

If you want to precisely choose which frequency to de-ess, the Filter Solo button will be your best friend, allowing you to listen to only the compressed frequencies. However, extreme caution should be exercised while making these decisions as excessive DeEssing can result in lispy or muffled vocals. Furthermore, you can explore different filter types, like peak, high-pass, or low-pass, for varied effects.

Understanding Mode Settings

The DeEsser plugin in Logic Pro X offers multiple settings to help fine-tune your results. There are two primary modes you can choose from - the split or wide band mode. The split mode allows for a selected range to be attenuated, whereas the wide band mode reduces the frequency range across the board.

You can choose between the relative or absolute mode for triggering the DeEsser. By experimenting with these settings, you can truly optimize the DeEsser for different vocal recordings and precisely control which esses get de-essed and which ones don't.

Additional Applications of the DeEsser Plugin

While the DeEsser is commonly associated with processing vocals, it is a versatile tool that can be handy in other aspects of music production. When used creatively, you can also apply it to attenuate sharp frequencies in other audios like guitar strings or cymbals, providing a smoother listening experience.

Consider expanding your use of the DeEsser plugin beyond vocals, and you'll be surprised at how it can lift your sound production quality across all areas and elements.


Understanding and mastering the DeEsser plugin in Logic Pro X offers invaluable benefits. From fine-tuning vocal recordings, addressing sibilance issues, to enhancing the overall audio quality, this tool provides a myriad of options for sound improvement.

Remember, the key to effectively using the DeEsser plugin is to find the right frequency, set an appropriate threshold, and apply the setting that suits your specific needs. Once you master these steps, you'll find that your production value has noticeably increased, making your tracks more professional and harmonious.

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