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Creating Captivating ANYMA Style Drops with FL Studio: A Comprehensive Guide
Create an ANYMA style track using our hands-on FL Studio tutorial. We guide you through drum creation, melody writing, and sound enrichment for a captivating drop.


Welcome to another engaging tutorial where we will dive into the exciting process of creating a captivating drop, similar to those found in ANYMA style tracks, using FL Studio. This hands-on tutorial will provide a broad perspective on various production techniques. As we progress, we'll explore key elements such as adding drums, writing the main melody, and incorporating additional effect to enrich the overall sound.

We begin by imparting the methodical approach generally adopted by producers to create infectious and memorable drops. The strategy typically starts with creating a simple kick and progressively incorporating layered elements, creating a complex, immersive sound.

Getting Started with Drums

A paramount part of ANYMA style drops lies in their heart pulsating drums. To thrive in replicating a similar outcome, start with a simple kick and establish a groovy MIDI pattern that lays the foundation for your track. Ensure the pattern extends beyond a simple metronomic role, bringing life to your track.

For added depth and impact, use used a VST plugin like SERUM to incorporate a sub layer. Saturate this layer to intensify the punch of your kick and enrich the overall sound.

Incorporating Claps and Drums

To enhance the rhythm and engage your listener's ears, incorporate claps and additional drum elements to your base. Select claps and drum elements that complement your kick and the intended energy level of your track.

Use a touch of reverb to blend the elements seamlessly together. Remember to cut off unnecessary low frequencies to prevent your mix from becoming muddy or unbalanced. This ensures that your mix remains clean and allows your kick and sub to shine through.

Creating the Main Melody or Hook

A memorable melody or hook serves as the hero of your track. Devote time into creating a catchy melody that complements your groove whilst captivating your listeners. The hook will feature heavily in both the drop and pre-drop sections, so ensure it stands out.

Add dynamism and movement to your track by automating parameters in the main lead sound. This involves changing effects parameters over time, such as filter cutoffs or modulation depths, creating a sense of advancement in your track.

Enriching the Drop

Once your melody is on point, start thinking about how to enrich the drop. Consider adding ear candy and an arp to enhance the overall sound and style. Ear candy includes all those little background sounds that make a track more interesting, captivating and unique. 

Just like with the main lead sound, using automated parameters on the arp can add additional movement and interest to your track. Exploring creative automation can result in unexpected and characterful results that help set your track apart.

Improving the Smoothness and Adding Effects

Create an impactful introduction to your drop through a sweeping influx of white noise. It's a simple yet efficient trick used by many professional producers to add excitement to the mix and prepare listeners for the drop.

Next, filter the arp to help it blend better within your mix and improve its overall smoothness. For an extra touch of uniqueness, try recording reverb tails and reverse them, this unconventional sound designing can add more character and depth to your sound.

Final Adjustments and Demonstration

As we approach the culmination of our creation process, consider adjusting the delay timing to introduce a bit of shuffle or swing. This nuanced effect can bring an extra depth and character to your overall rhythm.

Now that we have created all the critical elements and blended them together in harmony, it's time to demonstrate the final result. You will see how each step contributes to the final ANYMA style drop making it heavily groove-oriented, dynamic, and enticing.

Conclusion and Resources

In this tutorial, we've introduced several techniques to create an ANYMA style drop using FL studio. From laying out the basic drum pattern to putting final touches, the process is filled with countless opportunities for experimentation and creativity. Each step holds the potential to transform a simple idea into an enthralling aural experience.

We encourage you to apply these techniques and resources in your own productions. You can find a detailed list of sounds and resources used in this tutorial following this link.

Closing Remarks

We've navigated through intricate details of creating a drop similar to ANYMA style. We hope that you found this tutorial both enlightening and inspiring. Music production is a journey filled with exploration and discovery. Don't be afraid to deviate and experiment with the techniques shared in this tutorial. Your unique touch could be the simple difference between a good track and a great one.

And remember, this is only the beginning. Stay tuned for our next guide where we will unpack more exciting techniques and tutorials. Happy producing!

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